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Pictured Champion Arranbrook Marco Pierre Who gained his title first time shown

Owned and shown by Lizanne Kempsell, Scotland


Photo Bobby Dazzler after winning Reserve DBS Inhand Champion Poynton ( first and only time shown) shortly before leaving for France

Source web site enquiry                                                           Two of the three girls making themselves at home in France

 First of all, we want to thank Ann French for her advices and explanations. Ann knows the miniature donkeys and she is the best adviser we could find.
Arranbrook donkeys are all well conformed. This is essential. Most of breeders forget that the best miniature donkeys are not the smallest.
Arranbrook donkeys have good temperaments. This is also essential. Most of the miniature donkeys buyers want a domestic animal. Arranbrook donkeys are always brushed, Ann gives them many cuddles, and her donkeys are gentle and friendly.
Since Shorty, Katie, Kelly and Bobby arrived at home, we are happy with them.             Bobby Dazzler with his new owner Georges
They are all so gentle, so beautiful, so gorgeous.
Thank you dear Ann, and we hope to welcome you soon in France, perhaps next year to see Shorty's and Katie's foals, sired by your marvellous Outlaw.


Anne and Georges, France



Source Web site enquiry

Out of all the web site's I looked at Ann's was the one with the most information but from the very first time I email Ann I knew this was where I would purchase my Donkey's from. You see I have never owned Donkeys before. I love & show Newfoundland dogs & through my knowledge from purchasing my first Newfoundland it is very important that your breeder is someone who you can called upon anytime & ask any question perhaps the same question more than once as I have done just to be double sure he he! This is a relationship that should continue as long as you have your donkey's. This is one of the reason's am glad I have Ann as my Donkey breeder!
I was lucky enough to visit Ann & John at they home & they went out of they way to make me & my husband Michael more than welcome. There you can truly see Ann's love for her Donkeys. I will never will forget my day there amongst Ann's herd. I have been blessed with my two beautiful Jenny's Holly & Ellie thank you so much Ann.
Louise Hamill  Ireland



Source recommendation from Top judge

   With a name like Arranbrook Georgie Best it was inevitable that a sorrel Miniature Donkey Colt foal born in the Spring of 2006 should come to live in Northern Ireland.

Now a 2 year old gelding Georgie is an absolute Star.  He has been shown successfully in show & pet classes (Red rosettes!) and even travelled to the DBS Championship show at Rodbaston in August 2008.

But it is at home as a pet that Georgie really shines.  He is a very laid back character and adores human attention.  He mixes well with other Donkeys including larger 15 hand Spanish Donkeys who he keeps in order despite his size - especially when it comes to feeding time!

Although familiar with Standard & Large Donkeys I was uncertain about feeding regimes for such a small animal and Ann has been exceptionally helpful in advising in quantities and types of food to allow him to gown well but not become overweight.

She has also given me invaluable advice in areas where Miniatures differ from there larger cousins thus preventing possible problems from arising.

Ann- Many thanks for all your help and good luck to the Arranbrook Stud in the future.

Dr Yvonne Canavann, Northern Ireland.

NB: Though limited in show classes available in Ireland, Georgie has won and been placed much to the delight of his owner.



Source Web site enquiry

'From my very first call to Ann about her miniature donkeys she has been helpful and friendly. Always willing to share information and 'talk donkey'! She has a wealth of knowledge.                                                                         
We have now purchased lovely Bridget Jones from Ann, a delightful donkey just as Ann described! I am hoping to to add another donkey to our family in the future and I would have no hesitation going back to Arranbrook.'  

Judith Ireland, Surrey.

NB:  Bridget is now being shown in the South of England.



Source Web site enquiry

"Lilly & Roxy are delightful Donkeys, they arrived in fantastic condition and had been looked after well by Ann. In the first few early weeks Ann was always there to provide us with helpful advice on the two when we were not sure."                   

Neil & Lucinda Walton - Hertfordshire


Source Web site enquiry

Ron and I are very happy with the 2 donkeys we bought from Ann , they came with all the necessary paper work ,plus the extra bit which is most important , feeding and do's and do not's and a contact if we ever needed it.   


One of my Donkeys also only likes tepid water thanks for that tip.

Caroline and Ron Little, Scotland               






Source Web site enquiry                              

                                                                  Pictured Tanya and Mandi's Johnny Paycheck son and Daughter  


We purchased two miniature donkeys from Ann earlier this year. From the moment you meet Ann you know one of her main concerns is the welfare of her donkeys. She has always been there for us when we have needed advise on any issues we are concerned about with their care and wellbeing. Thank you Ann.
Tanya Wallis and Mandi Williams.  Arundel, West Sussex.