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I have now reached a milestone, 30 years of producing, showing & breeding healthy beautiful dogs and latterly equine. 

 Where has the time gone?

Our record shows the experience, having bred Top level Champion and winning stock in good numerically strong classes, along with honesty & integrity shown both here at Arranbrook and now Breckamore (www.smooth-collies.com) collies

Our homebred Donkeys are superior both in conformation and temperament but with added style and stunning pretty head and eye appeal.



                                    Arranbrook Stud adheres to Donkey Breed Society rules putting our Mares health first


Besides breeding Champions we have exported Donkeys to Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Ireland

 Also having customers in the Midlands, all over the South of England and Scotland.

Please visit my Testimonials page to read what my customers think of me and my Donkeys




My goal has always been to produce Miniature Donkeys that are as close to the National Miniature Donkey Association's / DBS Breed Standards as possible. 

As we are the ONLY Stud to have bred a DBS Champion as well as a DBS Reserve Champion we feel we have achieved our goals but strive for more homebred Champions. 

By Champions, we mean overall show Champions not merely Points Champions.

 We breed Donkeys which will stand out in the show ring and later make a valuable contribution to the future of the breed.  

  My lifelong interest in Horses, Ponies & Hounds with almost 30 years of showing Collies, means I have always had an understanding of fluid movement with Correct Conformation ,which I do not believe can be taught, you either fully understand it or you don't!

                 I  have strictly applied this throughout my Personal selection / breeding program.   Whilst we don't claim to be the best our results have always spoken volumes.  Please note I did not show at all during 2009 due to the loss of Johnny Paycheck.

Obviously several other UK web sites are now copying my style of site content, a compliment maybe?

  I still show my dogs at the highest level and presently serve on two Donkey Breed Society Committee's as well as have almost completed my DBS Trainee judge course.

We Freely offer help & advice

                                                                                   Ann French


                                                   OUR CHAMPIONS   OUR MARES   FOR SALE  DBS CH TITLES






   ~ A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything.  Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity ~

                                                                                             Robert A Heinlein


Our Record speaks for itself!

First & only time shown.

* First  Yearling, two and three year old Colts

* Best Novice

* Reserve DBS Inhand Champion  Poynton 2010

While on loan to David Harbinson   Wales

Well done David and Drizzle!!


We were delighted when Bobby's foal photo was voted by the members to be included in the DBS 2011 Calendar!

# Bobby now resides in the Garden of France in the Loire Valley along with three beautiful mare's from our Stud.




First time shown at 22 months old gaining        

 # Champion Male Donkey

# Reserve Supreme Inhand Champion Donkey   

Owned, loved & shown by Lizanne Kempsell, Scotland





Johnny Paycheck, (Photo below as a two year old)  Sire of Champion Arranbrook Marco Pierre, 

broke all records for a Miniature Herd Sire in the UK.

Photo as a 2 year old great topline, amazing chest

May 2004  -  June 2009

 *The first ever Miniature Donkey to feature in the Top 10 DBS Points Championship* *The ONLY Miniature Donkey Stallion to Sire Champion offspring from very 1st foal crop**The Only Miniature Donkey to take The DBS Royal Lancashire Reserve Inhand Championship*

*Only the second Miniature Donkey to Ever win the Prestigious Royal Highland show Inhand Championship no one has won it since* 

As a 4 year old

However distinguished a Donkeys show record maybe, what matters most is his or her impact as a Producer! 


 Multiple English Champion 

     LBT Gambler's Dancie

     Simply Beautiful!


NB:  *A Donkey Breed Society Inhand Championship is the highest award you can gain in the UK *             

  American ACOSA Classes are judged on colour ONLY, Conformation is not taken into account. 

 **All Our imports have only been shown in Conformation Classes.

                                                                                                                                 See our Awards page for more details.


Be careful whose toes you step on today because they might be connected to the foot that kicks your ass tomorrow !!!!!!

                                                                                                       Mr B Makpiece Lynaire Collies



Darcy enjoying life at home as a foal should


    Look out in the show ring for more of our Homebred Stock including :      


*DBS Inhand Champion Arranbrook Marco Pierre in Scotland*  

Arranbrook Bridget Jones in Surrey               

 Reserve DBS Inhand Champion Arranbrook Bobby Dazzler in France

Arranbrook Georgie Best in Northern Ireland 

Arranbrook Darcy Bussel Retained by Stud

Arranbrook Be Dazzled  Retained by Stud

Arranbrook Legacy Retained by Stud


We have also selected, imported and sold Top Quality stock to other breeders/ exhibitors including:

 KKR Midnight Harp, she went onto gain DBS Yearling Champion

Circle C Coco Channel this well known jenny needs no introduction, Top brood mare for a Stud in Scotland

I originally imported KKR Silk who now resides at Wynnfield stud.  She is the Dam of a Champion foal.  

 Silk wins The Bridlecroft Trophy.

             Ruby Tuesday, purchased on behalf of Lady Fisher, Marklyle Stud www.miniaturedonkeys.org.uk

       HCM Torch, our THIRD export to the The Netherlands

Wolfhearts Chica, Northern Ireland


*We offer shipping throughout Europe using local superior Race Horse transport Companies*



All our Stallions possess the most wonderful Temperaments, to continue our mission statement of "Staying true to the breed Standard"

along with neat, small heads, gentle large eyes, well rounded hips, short coupled, correct toplines and the best sets of legs you will see anywhere!

Visitors welcome prior phone call appreciated

* Arranbrook Studs OWN code of ethics see our Foal or Jennet's page *


* See my show winning Smooth Collies    www.smooth-collies.com

 Above the outstanding show winning Foxearth Sticky Fingers from whom a rare litter bred by me is planned as we do not condone dog breeding for profit!


Please enjoy Reading through our web site  and check back often

 Telephone Ann French (+44)  01765 603149     Mobile / cell  07793812206

Email ann@minidonks.co.uk




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