Beautiful Heads     ~           Sound Construction      ~       Extrovert Temperaments




"In 100 years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I lived in,

what my bank account was, or the car I drove....

but the world may be different,

because I was important in the life of the animals and the creatures on this earth"


Please note, none of our fabulous foals have ever been shown our policy is not to show foals believing it stressful on mothers and babies not to mention the risk of infection and added stress on young joints all for the sake of an easy Ribbon! 

Foals are seldom shown in this Country usually only one or two at best.

 In America they have to be 6 months old before they are even allowed to be shown!



Stop telling lies about me and I will stop telling the truth about you

                                                   B Makepiece


Foals by our Exciting new Tri-coloured Herd Sire and the well known Multi Champion Itsy Bitsy Tomcat may be available this year!

Provisional interest bookings taken on a wanted list basis. Deposits not accepted at this time. Please call for more details!


 One of our Foaling Boxes


 Here at Arranbrook we have selected only Donkeys with Fabulous Conformation, making sure they are free from hereditary faults and their sire's and Dam's all have impeccable Temperaments.

I also insist on small neat heads and correct eye placement, coarse heads and piggy eyes ruin the whole picture for me as a producer of show quality stock.







Big Woods 24 Karat x Johnny Paycheck foal

Our breeding program is proving itself time and again, with one of our very first foals a DBS Champion at just under two years old First time shown, another gained Reserve DBS Inhand show Champion the only time shown just before leaving for France!

 We are confident more will follow as we have Quality Homebred youngstock awaiting their turn in the show ring.

 Take a look at our foals and compare them to others, better still pay us a visit!

     # We can arrange transport anywhere

                                                    # No expensive quarantine needed into Europe

# Fully Experienced in European Exports over several years

We have many satisfied Customers from Scotland down to the Midlands, all across the South of England and in Scotland. 

Across the sea to Ireland, France, in Belgium & The Netherlands .     



                                               Email  / Tel 01765 603149



Second generation of Arranbrook breeding



2011 Foaling Schedule

# Please note as we really care what happens to our foals, we are giving serious thought about breeding for 2012 due to the present economic climate.

 It is a sorry fact that Miniature Donkeys are being relinquished into The Donkey Sanctuary.

 I personally helped "persuade" an owner of 4 Donkeys to relinquish them to The Sanctuary in Devon a couple of years ago.  One Mare now has a prosthetic front hoof but all 4 are now well cared for and will not be bred from.

# Therefore the foals to be listed as arrived during 2011 maybe the last for a while or at least 2012 will be limited to possibly two. 

This also means my lovely Mare's will be rested and we do what's best for our Girls here at Arranbrook Stud.

Sire:  Multi Champion, Reserve British Colt Champion        KiTerra's Outlaw


Dam: Gambler's Dancie

English Multiple Inhand show Champion  

Including MMDA Supreme Reserve National Champion





Sire:  Multi Champion,Reserve British Colt Champion           KiTerra's Outlaw




Dam: Country Music's Dixie Nolan

Championship show class winner




Sire:  Multi Champion Itsy Bitsy Tomcat



Dam:  Berry Ridge Early Frost

Championship show First prize winner

 Sire:  Multi Champion Reserve British Colt Champion,        KiTerra's Outlaw


Dam: Boothby Anthem

DBS Yearling Champion 

Reserve Royal Highland mare Champion

MMDA Res Champion

Sire:  Multi Champion DBS Champion  Itsy Bitsy Tomcat Dam: Big Woods 24 Karat       

 NMDA (USA) Foal winner                                                                      First prize winner England only time shown




                            ARRANBROOK CHARLIE 2010 foal

   Charlie is our gelding we believe all breeders owe it to the breed to keep a gelding or two!


Arranbrook Tickerty-Boo 2010 foal

 By Arranbrook Bobby Dazzler  






Re veterinary inspections

Many people have their Donkeys inspected by their own veterinary surgeon??

 Any serious inspection needs to be carried out by an INDEPENDENT Vet!

I would not dream of buying a horse vetted by the vendors vet, in fact its just not ethical!

 My intention is to have ALL my Donkeys DONKEY BREED SOCIETY VETERINARY INSPECTED which at this time is really only a yearly event & can only be done as and when my Donkeys when are fully mature at 4 years of age.   

This is a VERY rigorous, thorough independent Inspection carried out by the same vet for many years at our Supreme show.


 ALL my Donkeys offered for sale are open to any independent veterinary inspection.



*See Arranbrook Stud's Own code of ethics page click Here*








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Experienced in European Exports

Shipping can be arranged anywhere!



One of our Quality foals




A Truly Exceptional European Herd!

        Arranbrook Bobby Dazzler

Reserve DBS Inhand show Champion only time shown, exported to France as Herd sire 2010


We Breed for Drafty Correct Conformation Beautiful chiselled heads with a Fabulous eye and same Wonderful Temperaments as their parents and Grandparents!

Each of OUR Select foals receives plenty of individual attention and training. I do not halter train very young babies as I feel it unnecessary and somewhat cruel to lead a foal away from its Dam.  

Neither do we show foals for the very same reason most Donkey breeders also refuse to put the foals and their Dams through the stress.


Training is handling several times daily, picking up feet and loving the foals with a head collar fitted a few times until weaning time.

I am lucky in that I am able to spend a great deal of time educating my foals in fact nearly all day every day is usually spent with the Donkeys!

This means that my foals are super friendly, well handled and lead trained before they leave me. 

  Each will be wormed, vaccinated, fully registered, met with my farrier, micro chipped and have a passport as required by law.


 I do not take foal deposits on unborn foals, preferring to match your requirements to the best of my ability.

We offer every help and assistance to new owners, your success is our success! 

It is our intention to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

 We answer all enquiries with honesty and integrity and that is why we will never sell a Donkey unless we are certain it is right for the client.

We are happy to supply current photographs or DVD's of any of our Donkeys but prefer visitors to come and see our stock. 

To make an appointment to visit phone 01765 603149

                        As responsible breeders it is our priority to ensure that all of our Donkeys go to loving, kind homes.


*Click here to read all about foaling and a few Thoughts*


Arranbrook Stud practices a sound breeding philosophy.

With the limited bloodlines available within the UK we take great pride in the variety of our herdís pedigrees.

 I have carefully researched the pedigreeís of our stock to assure of  no line breeding.

While linebreeding is a common practice in equines and canines we feel that line breeding is not required to improve the  Miniature Donkey.  Very few American breeders linebreed, those that do have extensive experience as breeders.  

Mankind will never move forward unless he asks the question

" What can I GIVE to this world, rather than what can I TAKE" 


I would like to adapt that to "what can we GIVE to the breed, rather than what can we TAKE" ?


         Our Donkeys are all fully registered with some or all of the following

 Donkey Breed Society

The American Donkey and Mule Society